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For the past three decades, the privately-owned Equiflor Corporation has been a leading fresh flower grower and distributor in the region. We hand grow and carefully nurture each plant to bring you the highest quality flowers every time.

What started as a family business in 1986 has flourished into a household name, with our nationally-branded, fresh-cut “Rio Roses” distributed via a network of flower wholesalers across the US and Canada.

Equiflor is best known for providing the freshest flowers on a consistent basis because they have the best quality control filters in Miami. All product is backed by a 100% Service Excellence Guarantee.

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Take advantage of our monthly Rio Promotions

Take advantage of our monthly Rio Promotions

We are excited to announce the launch of multiple monthly Regular Weekly Order promotions in 2019. Each month, we will promote a different product line at a discounted yearly rate, and we will offer some fabulous prizes like trips to our farms in Colombia and Costa Rica. Check our website to find out more! read more