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Highland Supply Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of floral packaging solutions. Founded in 1937, HSC has been an innovative force in floral packaging for nearly seven decades.

Our founder, Erwin Weder, introduced decorative foil to florists in the early years - demonstrating that decorated potted plants sold more quickly and for a higher price than plain items. That watershed moment was the beginning of a legacy filled with innovation: Beauty Corsage Bags, Plastifoil® florists foil, Clearphane® film, Speed Covers®, Speed Sheets®, SizzlePak® shred and many more. Today, that spirit of innovation continues with Monza* & Tessera* plant wrapping sheets and rolls, Gossamer Cloth® and Flora Fuente® flexible vases.

Developing packaging solutions to enhance and upgrade your potted plants and flowers is what Highland Supply does best. We've been helping our customers succeed since 1937.