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Argus provides advanced control systems that are customized to each grower’s requirements and adaptable to their changing needs, enabling users to operate their facility the way they want. With over thirty years of leadership and innovations in control technology, Argus Controls are used by growers throughout the world to control their facilities for horticulture, agriculture and biotechnology research, as well as other applications. An Argus system provides intelligent control of climates, lighting, irrigation, and nutrients.

Since 1984, Argus systems have proven their reliability, durability, and capability in electrically noisy and often harsh environments. All systems are supplied with a suite of easy to use programs that are fully preconfigured for each operation. There is no requirement for operator programming. For special situations, the unprecedented flexibility of both the hardware and software architecture makes it easy and economical for Argus to provide custom solutions to unusual and difficult control problems.

All Argus Systems are fully designed for remote support. Argus will provide the necessary steps to ensure proper installation system commissioning, and operator training. In addition to routine assistance, it provides 24/7 after-hours, weekend, and holiday emergency support.